Nutritional value calculator


About calculator

Whant to know nutritional value of your favorite
fruit or vegetable?
You wont read it on the label in shop.
You can do it with this calculator.

  1. Select product group and push next.
  2. Select product.
  3. Input quantity.
  4. Push calculate.

If you wish to calculate another product
simply repeat the process.

What is the nutritional value calculator

Nutritional Value Calculator is a simple program that can calculate nutritional value of your meal. It calculates calories as well as protein, fat (total, saturated and unsaturated), carbohydrates and fiber amount in the product. Many foods also contain information of vitamins and minerals.

How does nutritional value calculator work

The program contains nutritional values. You can calculate nutritional value for any quantity of the product, even for 53 grams of bread. The program database is not yet complete. It is planned to introduce the possibility for any user to enter data they are interested in so the database will become more and more efficient.

What you need to be able to calculate your own meals nutritional value

To easily and conveniently calculate your meals and nutritional values at home, all you need is just small scales for food and this nutritional value calculator. All you need to know is only the weight of the product, everything else will be calculates by nutritional value calculator. In addition, weighing the product for a couple of times, you will gain skills to determine the approximate weight of the product. Then you can then calculate nutritional value without the use of food scales.

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